What is Benchling?

Benchling is a research platform where scientists can design, share, and record experiments on one interface. Our unified platform consists of an Electronic Lab Notebook, Biological Registration System, and Molecular Biology Design and Analysis Suite.

Benchling is a new way to do research. We believe that 1) better tools designed around the ease of use of the end user and 2) easy collaboration make research a faster and better experience.

Who is Benchling for?

Benchling is meant for:

  • Scientists who run experiments and keep notes
  • R&D or Lab Managers who need a centralized place to track data
  • Group Directors or Principal Investigators who need to monitor project progress and/or transfer knowledge between people entering and exiting the team each year
What organizations use Benchling?

Benchling's users consist of scientists from biotech and pharma companies, as well as academic and government labs. Benchling's basic functionality is free for academics, and always will be.

How secure is Benchling? Do I own my IP?

We follow industry best practices around encryption and security. You have strict access control over your data, and everything is regularly backed up. You own all of your data, period.

Is it easy to share and export my data?

You can very easily share projects with colleagues and control who has read and write access. Export a file or project in seconds.