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Scientists trust Benchling

Scientists at leading institutions trust Benchling

Cloning made painless

Stop mentally matching sticky ends
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Benchling identifies compatible restriction sites for your fragments, picks buffers, and calculates vector/insert aliquots. Use virtual gels to verify correctness and debug your experiments.

Organize your data

Ditch your spreadsheets
organization management in Benchling

Tag your sequences and customize your library view. Instantly search across all of your data.

Collaborate seamlessly

Leave emailing files behind
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Give your colleagues read or write access to a library instantly. Search your lab's common stocks.

Beautiful visualizations

Never draw plasmids in PowerPoint again
Benchling-generated plasmid maps

Benchling generates interactive, zoomable, sequence maps for your work. Ready to publish? Download a high quality image with one click.

Bioinformatics tools

Replace ten different tools with one
Benchling ab1 chromatogram viewer screenshot

Align multiple sequences or sequencing traces, auto-annotate your sequences, check your primer library for matches, verify oligo structure, and more.

Version history

Keep meticulous records effortlessly
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Easily revert if you make a mistake. Never worry about losing data again.

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