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Create, find, and discuss protocols

Learn how centralizing your protocols can streamline your research.

  • Create protocols with rich metadata
  • Discuss insights and iterate
  • Track progress at the lab bench
  • Access community-curated content
  • Share in one click

Molecular Biology

Design, analyze, and share DNA

Learn how you only need one tool to work with DNA.

  • Plan error-free cloning experiments
  • Organize with tags and attachments
  • Design modularly with parts
  • Find and evaluate CRISPR guides
  • Share in one click

Gel Analysis

Capture, analyze, and archive gels

Learn how to analyze and archive gel images in the cloud.

  • Auto-annotate gels in your browser
  • Quantify band intensity
  • Archive without storage limits
  • Capture images with an iPhone
  • Share in one click

Science Powered by the Cloud

Cutting-edge tools

Access new techniques immediately without slow, costly version upgrades.

Make fewer mistakes

Easily revert any change. Follow step-by-step guidance for common workflows.

Avoid duplicated work

Instantly search your lab's data. Build upon their work instead of reinventing it.

Organize with metadata

Replace messy spreadsheets with smart tags. Attach relevant files directly to work.

Enterprise-grade security

Ensure the safety of your IP in a secure cloud platform trusted by top companies.

Automated, complete backups

Capture every step of your R&D process. Never worry about losing data again.

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