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Jed Dean
Jed Dean
VP of Operations and Engineering at Zymergen
Our scientists love Benchling. It is beautifully designed and unifies the functionality of several other poorly performing tools in one integrated software suite. Benchling is proving to be an invaluable resource in sharing data across our rapidly growing organization.
Patrick Hsu
Patrick Hsu
Salk Helmsley Fellow at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies
Benchling's team is incredibly responsive and it's amazing how fast they are able to rapidly incorporate new developments in the field onto their platform.
Jeffrey Kim
Jeffrey Kim
Founder at Radiant Genomics
Benchling plays a critical role in our molecular biology capabilities. We no longer have worries about file version control or all of the other pains associated with using desktop molecular biology software in a group setting.

Beakers and Test Tubes

Comprehensive set of cutting-edge tools for DNA, proteins, and more

An ever-expanding app store for designing experiments and analyzing data. Benchling includes the premier suite for molecular biology research: CRISPR guide design, automated Gibson and Golden Gate cloning, primer design, multiple sequence alignment, and more.

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Powerful note taking and data capture

Throw your lab notebook away.

Take notes inline with data, whether you are designing DNA or following a protocol. Link data across entries for instant access. All work done on Benchling is tracked and versioned so you never have to worry about making a mistake or losing information.

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Get organized and streamline your research

All your stuff in one place. Search your notes, DNA, images, PDFs, Word files, and more, all from one interface. Use powerful tagging features to connect metadata to your files.

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Share and collaborate with your lab

Stay on the same page with a live activity feed of the work that gets done on your team. Easily control who can access and modify your data. Easily transfer data when someone leaves a team and never worry about losing knowledge.

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Benchling for Enterprise

Do you work for an organization with extra administrative, compliance, and security needs? Do you need custom integrations into existing systems and on-site training?

We created Benchling Enterprise for you.

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