benchling_sdk.helpers.logging_helpers module¶

class StabilityLevel¶

Bases: enum.Enum

Stability levels for discrete guidelines.

ALPHA = 'alpha'¶
BETA = 'beta'¶
exception StabilityWarning¶

Bases: Warning

Warning for users that a preview feature is being used.

check_for_csv_bug_fix(variable: str, value: Optional[Iterable[str]])¶

Specific error for a fixed bug that might cause breaks. See BNCH-24087.

default_logger(name: str = 'benchling_sdk') → Logger¶

Construct the default logger for the SDK.

log_deprecation(source_name: str, suggestion: str) → None¶

Log a standardized warning for use of deprecated functionality.

log_stability_warning(level: StabilityLevel, package: str = '') → None¶

Log a standardized warning for using preview functionality.