benchling_sdk.auth.client_credentials_oauth2 module

class ClientCredentialsOAuth2

Bases: benchling_api_client.v2.benchling_client.AuthorizationMethod

OAuth2 client credentials for authorization.

Use in combination with the Benchling() client constructor to be authorized with OAuth2 client_credentials grant type.

__init__(client_id: str, client_secret: str, token_url: Optional[str] = None, httpx_client: Optional[httpx.Client] = None)

Initialize ClientCredentialsOAuth2.

  • client_id – Client id in client_credentials grant type

  • client_secret – Client secret in client_credentials grant type

  • token_url – A fully-qualified URL pointing at the access token request endpoint such as Can be omitted to default to /api/v2/token appended to the server base URL.

  • httpx_client – An optional httpx Client which will be used to execute HTTP calls. The Client can be used to modify the behavior of the HTTP calls made to Benchling through means such as adding proxies and certificates or introducing retry logic for transport-level errors.

get_authorization_header(base_url: str) str

Generate HTTP Authorization request header.

If a token has not yet been requested or is close to its expiry time, a new token is requested. Otherwise, re-use existing valid token.

vend_new_token(base_url: str)

Make RFC6749 request to token URL to generate a new bearer token for client credentials OAuth2 flow.

class Token

Bases: object

Represents an OAuth2 token response model.

__init__(access_token: str, refresh_time: datetime)

Initialize Token.

  • access_token – The raw token value for authorizing with the API

  • refresh_time – Calculated value off of token time-to-live for when a new token should be generated.

classmethod from_token_response(token_response)

Construct Token from deserializing token endpoint response.

Deserializes response from token endpoint and calculates expiry time with buffer for when token should be regenerated.


token_response – The response from an RFC6749 POST /token endpoint.

valid() bool

Return whether token is still valid for use or should be regenerated.