benchling_sdk.helpers.constants module¶

class CommonSortValues¶

Bases: str, enum.Enum

A list of commonly used sort parameters.

These can be used as parameters to listing endpoints which can specify sort=. If the chosen sort value is not supported by that endpoint, a bad request error (BenchlingError) will occur, with a message indicating so.

CREATEDAT = 'createdAt'¶
CREATEDATASC = 'createdAt:asc'¶
CREATEDATDESC = 'createdAt:desc'¶
MODIFIEDAT = 'modifiedAt'¶
MODIFIEDATASC = 'modifiedAt:asc'¶
MODIFIEDATDESC = 'modifiedAt:desc'¶
NAME = 'name'¶
NAMEASC = 'name:asc'¶
NAMEDESC = 'name:desc'¶